Trenchless Culvert Rehabilitation: The Snap-Tite® Solution

Replacing or repairing damaged or worn out culverts by digging them out is costly and can cause significant impacts to traffic. The costs and scale of these projects often means that undertaking repairs is delayed until it is absolutely necessary – or even until after the culvert has failed. However, waiting until culverts start to fail poses safety hazards with the roadway and also significantly raises the cost of the project.

Enter Bulldogger Services and Snap-Tite® culvert liner products: the trenchless culvert rehabilitation solution.

The Snap-Tite® product lineup provides a means to rehabilitate culverts and achieve the same, or better, flow rates as new culverts, all without digging up the existing culvert. Trenchless culvert rehabilitation reduces the cost of fixing a culvert and minimizes impacts to roadways and traffic. Without the need to dig out the existing culvert, nearly all of the project can be completed off-road.

Bulldogger Services has the experience and expertise to address culvert rehabilitation projects, and is your authorized dealer for Snap-Tite® Products in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Saskatchewan.

Installing a Trenchless Culvert Rehabilitation Solution

Simple, no-dig installation of culvert rehabilitation.The Snap-Tite® system uses an innovative process of interlocking HDPE to re-line the existing, damaged culvert, and a low density cellular grout between the liner and existing culvert to reinforce the structure and create a long-lasting solution. Snap-Tite’s boltless, mechanical locking, gasketed connection maintains a smooth inner and outer wall throughout the connection. With a Manning coefficient of 0.00914, Snap-Tite® can generally meet and often exceed the flow rates of the original host culvert.

This product is so easy to install that maintenance crews everywhere are installing it without the need for specialized equipment or technical assistance. The system can be used on culverts ranging in diameter from 8 inches to 84 inches.

Snap-Tite® offers a number of enhancements to their culvert liner, including the Hydro Bell, Oval Pipe and Fish Passage Liner. The patented Hydro-Bell system can improve water flow through a culvert by 15-34% during high flows, significantly reducing the amount of overflow above the culvert.

For more information, pricing, or for a cost comparison between the Snap-Tite® system vs. excavation and replacement please contact our experts. You  may also view product guides and additional information on our Snap-Tite® product page.

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