Spillway Rehabilitation

Want to replace your failing spillway pipe system? Is your dam or reservoir drainage being impacted by a damaged pipe with limited access? Bulldogger Services has the solution – just one more of the many ways the Snap-Tite® joint and installation system can rehabilitate culverts and save money over traditional replacement.

Spillways that are rehabilitated by Bulldogger Services are often only 15-20% of the cost of a traditional spillway replacement – primarily because a replacement requires digging up the dame or portion of the reservoir to access the failing culvert, while rehabilitation can be done in place.

This simple installation means light duty equipment, less manpower, minimal disturbance of right-of-way, and indefinite service life. Rehabilitation with the Snap-Tite lineup® is also the installer’s safest and most cost effective solution: no digging and no diving required!

Another significant advantage of this in-place install is that it can be completed during times when the water levels in the reservoir are naturally low. With traditional replacements, digging out the dam berm cannot be completed in the winter due to the frozen ground. Because it has to be completed during the summer, this means the property owner is often forced to lose an entire year’s worth of water. Using the Snap-Tite® system, Bulldogger Services is able to complete spillway rehabilitation during the winter, so when the time comes to start filling the reservoir the work is already done.

If you have a damaged or otherwise failing dam/reservoir spillway, contact Bulldogger Services today to find out how we can save you up to 85% of the cost over traditional replacement options. We will be happy to answer any questions, and have engineer specifications on file to discuss specific requirements.

Bulldogger Services is the exclusive source for Snap-Tite® products in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, USA, and in Saskatchewan, Canada.