Culvert Rehabilitation

When a culvert is no longer serviceable, excavation and replacement can be a lengthy, expensive process. Bulldogger Services specializes in culvert rehabilitation, which gives you a culvert that functions as if new, without the need for replacement. Using the innovative Snap-Tite® system, we can give you a functionally-new culvert cheaper, faster and with most or all of the work done off the roadway, thereby minimizing traffic disruption and improving safety. In most cases, the Snap-Tite® smooth solid wall HDPE product will meet or exceed the flow rates of the existing host culvert.  With the new Snap Tite liner in place, Bulldogger Services offers cellular grout pumping services to fill the annulus and all voids for a rehabilitated drainage system that will outlast the original culvert several times over.

Bulldogger Services is the exclusive source for Snap-Tite® products in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, USA, and in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Snap-Tite® culvert liner is AASHTO M326-08 certified.