Save Time And Money With Culvert Lining

Old, worn out or otherwise damaged culverts can often turn into a nightmare for landowners or transportation departments. The hassle of conducting a traditional replacement – closing the roadway to completely dig up and replace the old culvert – plus the cost of such an endeavor make it a daunting investment in time and money. However, failing culverts can present a significant hazard to roadways by leading to sinkholes or even complete roadway collapse.

This problem in particular is where culvert lining presents a win-win solution.

Culvert lining as a rehabilitation tool restores culverts to being functionally new – addressing the hazards of failing culverts – while requiring minimal, if any, road closure and/or impacts to road traffic. Since culvert lining/rehabilitation can typically be completed with the existing culvert in-place, it often presents a significant reduction in cost by avoiding the costly process of roadway deconstruction and reconstruction.

Not only is culvert lining and rehabilitation a safer, more cost effective and more convenient solution, but it is a long-lasting solution. The high density polyethylene piping used for culvert lining ultimately outperforms the culverts it replaces because it cannot rust out.

Conventional culvert repair methods are costly and can cause significant impacts to traffic, though they may be absolutely necessary to maintain the safety of the roadway and effectiveness of water flow. Culvert lining as a rehabilitation tool is more cost effective, creates less impacts and is longer lasting than the products it replaces, meaning it is completed faster and cheaper than conventional methods.

Get the most out of your budget and keep your roadways safe – contact Bulldogger Services today to learn how our culvert lining and rehabilitation services can take problem culverts off your nightmare list.

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