It’s Road Grader Project Time – Use the Right Tools

If you’re anything like us, springtime brings great excitement because we finally get to put a whole new set of attachments on our road graders! If you’re not like us, we suppose you could be hooking up your brush/grass mower in the middle of January (if you are, drop us a line – we’d love to know how you’re using it), but we typically don’t break ours out until we can see what we’re mowing. Whether it’s road construction or just pushing your own dirt around, the warmer weather opens up a variety of jobs to be done, and as any craftsman will tell you, it’s critical to have the right tools for the job.

It may not be time to put away the snow plows quite yet, but start planning your summer projects and make sure you’ve got the equipment to get them done right:

  • Quick Attach Brush/Grass Mower – A wet winter like this is great for vegetation, whether you want it to grow or not. This mower attachment for your road grader can be controlled completely from within the cab and handles brush and trees up to 5” in diameter. The quick-attach feature means it’s easy to hook up or remove, and can even be completed at the same time as grading.
  • Sloper – This invaluable road grader attachment is designed to reclaim precious gravel from the slopes of gravel roadways, mulches and pulverizes vegetation, improves drainage and re-establishes the designed roadway prism to full width.
  • Sod Mulchers – All of that melting snow can quickly turn roadways into muddy quagmires, leaving them rutted and damaged by the time they dry out. The mulching attachment is so effective it allows operators to rebuild roads in a third of the time (at a savings of up to 25 hours per mile!) compared to other road repair means.
  • Summer-Winter Plow – Perfect for this time of year, this attachment is equally great at pushing snow or mud. Its highly-customizable settings include angling the blade left or right, setting it to either a V or U plow shape, and adjusting the direction of the bottom cutting edge. The quick-attach feature makes it a snap to take off or put on, but its versatility means you can leave it on and plow whatever you need.
  • Road Compactors – This top-of-the-line equipment is a must have for road maintenance projects. With its true track system, near-universal attaching abilities, and heavy-duty cushion suspension, the Final Pass II compaction system has proven to reduce road maintenance costs by up to 40%.

You know how tough it can be to use the wrong tool for the job, so save yourself the time, effort and frustration of trying to get by. Get in touch with our professionals for a personalized assessment of what equipment will work best to help you get your projects done quickly and efficiently.


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