Fall Temperatures Bring Reminders of Snow Removal

As the temperatures fall, it is a daily reminder that snow could be just around the corner. Being stuck with inadequate snow removal equipment could leave you plowing for hours longer than you need to, or worse, unable to finish the job.

Bulldogger Services carries a variety of motor grader attachments to fit your needs and keep you well-prepared for winter weather. Be sure to drop by our site and look at the following items so you will be ready when the snow starts piling up:

  • One-Way Speed Plow – An outstanding balance of safety and speed, the One-Way Speed Plow promotes operator visibility while plowing at speeds up to 32 mph (51kph).
  • Postless Snow Wing– Another option to improve operator visibility, the Postless Snow Wing offers high visibility combined with a number of options to customize blade float and angle.
  • Summer-Winter Plow – If you are looking for multi-season versatility, the Summer-Winter Plow is the way to go. This high-customization attachment allows the operator to change the angle and shape of the plow. For winter operations, the bottom cutting edge can be folded backward to allow an operator to push snow in yards without disturbing gravel.

If you have questions about the equipment above, or are looking for something else to outfit your motor grader for winter operations, don’t wait for snow to make your decision for you. Get in touch with our professionals for a personalized assessment of what equipment will work best to help you get your projects done quickly and efficiently.

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